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Patrick Mahomes was very conservative
The Chiefs secondary defense played very well, with three interceptions. They also managed to force to fumble. Kansas City's defensive line could not put too much pressure on Jalenhurts. Hurts had the ball, and Sneed Hughes, Hughes, and Deandre Baker were able of picking Hurts off in a clean manner.

The Chiefs running game was non-existent. In the fourth quarter in the fourth quarter, the Chiefs only had 54 yards on the ground. The Chiefs had a crucial fourth-and-1 stop from the Eagles defense that could have changed the direction of this game.

Patrick Mahomes was very conservative. It appeared that Mahomes would like to take his time moving through the field slowly and methodically. However, when he needed a first down in the fourth quarter, Mahomes ended up throwing an interceptor to Darius Slay Jr.

Mahomes made five mistakes during the game, including three interceptions as well as two forfumbles. Mahomes' conservative play against Eagles didn't work because, once the Eagles were at a loss in the first quarter, Mahomes started to force throws which resulted in two interceptions.

The Eagles scored 28 points in the fourth quarter in order to earn the win.In week 5, the Chiefs are returning in the home stretch for Sunday Night Football, taking on the Buffalo Bills. Kickoff is scheduled for 7:20 p.m. Arrowhead and we will again bring you the matchup of the EA Universe.

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