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Naturally the Madden team couldn't had anticipated this
Brady has thrown nearly half of his passes in the direction of Moss himself. He established an incoming TD record for himself that season in the course of which the Patriots became the first team to ever be 16-0 in league history.

However, unfortunately for Brady as well as Patriots Nation, a ferocious defensive effort inside the pass and an ridiculous end-of-game David Tyree catch resulted in the Pats not achieving an ideal 19-0 season in which Brady experienced his first Super Bowl defeat of his career to his team, the New York Giants.

As of 2008 Brady certainly had a fire lit under his seat. Desperate to return glory following a devastating losing to the G-Men, Brady wouldn't get to prove that his team's star players could get back to that promised country.

He would suffer a first-half knee injury caused by Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard, and would be out for the entirety of the season. Naturally the Madden team couldn't had anticipated this.

However Brady was still dominating in the game's virtual version that year however Matt Cassel tried his best to help keep the team alive in the real world. Brady threw just 11 passes that year before being shelved and his performance in Madden head-tohead certainly were better as one of the game's top 99-rated players.

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