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Ranging in RuneScape is the ability which is responsible for your long-range shooting capabilities. By leveling your Ranged capability, you'll have the ability to put on superior armour, weapons and ammunition which can be used in combat from the distance.
Additionally, you'll increase your Ranged accuracy and Ranged strength. First, one of those enhances the rate at which you can hit your opponent, and the other one increases a maximum hit that you can hit. Let's get into OSRS Ranged Guide.

There are three distinct types of combat that you can apply to your Ranged ability: Accurate Gives you an invisible bonus that adds 3 points to your Ranged skill. With this type of combat, each experience you get is put into your ability to range. It is the ideal method to rapidly increase your level and increase your skills.

Rapid - Shoots one tick faster than the other styles , but doesn't offer any additional benefits. All experience gained making use of it will be allocated to the ranged skill.

Long-range - Expands the distance that you can shoot but fires at the same rate as Accurate Style. When you use Longrange, the experience is divided between Ranged or Defence.

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