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This can actually lead to more sales for EA
According to PC Gamer, during an investors call on August 4th, Wilson said that Preview Packs contributed to "an increased engagement", as well as "a greater rate of conversion of those who spend."

"It began to drop towards the final stretch of the season so some of this data is to be viewed in that light, but the team is committed to advancing the way we work in and around the offers as well as the programs we create to our players. We believe that we can continue to grow the business over time," he added.

The Preview Packs first came out in Ultimate Team in June, giving players the chance to look at what's included in each package prior to making a purchase.

This change was introduced in response to demands from various groups that include government, children's welfare organizations, as well as gambling charities, as reports have proven relationships between loot bins and gambling.

However, understanding the contents of a loot container will allow the player to make an informed decision on what they'd like to purchase prior to spend money. This can actually lead to more sales for EA.

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