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FIFA 19 Matching Principle and Reward Changes List (A)

  • The partitioned enemy is FIFA19's new game mode, replacing the previous UT online season. For details on the deadly enemies in the FIFA19 area, please see the FIFA19 FUT new game summary: Click to enter

    Every game you play in the FIFA 19 Week will not affect your skill rating in the enemies of the division. At the same time, every week you play, you will win the Weekly Score of the enemies of the partition. The higher the score per week, the better you will get the weekly reward in the enemies of the partition. In other words, every week you play will help you get rewards in the two modes of the week and the enemies of the division.

    Weekly total number of games

    30 games! (PS4, X1, PC)

    The PS4/X1 platform has been reduced by 10 games and the PC platform has increased by 5 games.


    Although the PS4/X1 platform has been reduced by 10 games, the level of rewards won is the same as in the previous 40 games. The PC platform has increased by 5 games, and PC players will receive the same rewards as the host players.

    The weekly tournament award was changed from the previous monthly red card player package to the weekly player selection. You will be able to choose the player you want from the red card players who are rewarded.

    In this way, as long as you play the week of the weekend, you will be rewarded; unlike the previous FIFA18, if you do not play the week in a week, the monthly reward will shrink.

    Opponent matching principle

    FIFA18's weekly match match is a mystery. In FIFA19, EA made it clear that the weekly match is based on winning streak and geographic location.

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