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2 Basics Tips for How to Play Tekken 7

  • Combos and Juggles

    Tekken is all about juggling an opponent. A large number of attacks in the game lead to the ability to juggle an opponent if they connect. Even sweeps or other attacks that don’t necessarily launch an opponent high into the air can be used to start juggles. We have a growing list of sample juggle combos you can use to get you started, but it’s a good idea to have at least one go-to juggle combo so when you land an attack that you can juggle after, your muscle memory kicks in and you can secure a nice chunk of damage for your efforts.


    If you’re new to Tekken or fighting games in general, juggle combos will likely not come easy. Timing can be very strict on some of these combos. It’s important to practice them over and over against in the Practice Mode until you have them committed to memory. Don’t worry if it takes you awhile to get even one combo down. Once you understand how the timing works, you’ll have a much easier time with other combos. If you continue to have issues, post a comment on our sample combo video above and we’ll see if we can give you a hand.


    Walls and Breakable Surfaces

    Many of the stages in Tekken 7 have walls that will stun opponents and allow for a follow up combo. Once you have your juggle combos down, you will have to learn how to change them up when a wall is nearby. Any fast-hitting combo or attack string usually works very well immediately after an opponent hits the wall.


    Some walls and floors in Tekken are breakable. This means that if you hit an opponent with a powerful attack, the wall or floor will give away and both characters will change to a new area within the stage. In most cases the player getting hit will bounce and the offensive player can follow with a small juggle combo. Even if you only get a few hits, it’s important to go for something in these instances so you can get as much easy damage as possible.

    Rage Arts and Power Crush

    Rage Arts are a type of super move in Tekken 7. Once your character has taken a lot of damage their health bar will begin to glow red. This indicates they have entered Rage Mode. While in Rage Mode all attacks inflict additional damage, but you can also perform a Rage Art or Rage Drive attack. The Rage Art is essentially a super move which will go through all attacks (although you still take damage from these attacks) and inflict a lot of damage to the opponent if it connects. A Rage Drive is a similar attack that allows you to extend a combo or inflict additional damage.


    A Power Crush attack is a move that has armor against all high and mid-hitting attacks. That means it will go through all high and mid attacks negating the damage. However, to balance out this attack, they are usually very punishable if the opponent blocks, and low attacks will always beat them out. These moves can be found in the in-game move list with a red icon next to them.


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