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Obscure Football Manager 2019 Tips and Tricks

  • Not at all like the official Football Manager indications and tips that appear in the advancement bar when you proceed with your diversion. These tips and traps are obscure for most players yet they are valuable and can make your life significantly simpler while dealing with a group in your spare.


    On the off chance that you know for some other obscure tip or a trap that you discovered while playing Football Manager make sure to record it in the remarks area and we may incorporate it in this post later on.


    Up to that point, here are a portion of the obscure Football Manager tips and traps. 

    Never lose a player on a free exchange

    For an insignificantly higher compensation, you can secure players to multi year contracts with a discretionary multi year augmentation. So 7 years, and inside those 7 years there will 100% be where the player will acknowledge another agreement which again you can make for a long time. On the other hand you can expand the specialist expense rather than the compensation and accomplish a similar outcome.


    Misuse the exchange bits of gossip page 

    Genuine and Barça are best for this yet verify who all the enormous clubs are keen on. Each season or two you can discover approximately multi year old regen world mixer that your scouts have passed up. To discover exchange bits of gossip page explore to wanted alliance scren > News > Transfer Rumors. Alliance must be playable so as to see the exchange bits of gossip page.


    Maintain a strategic distance from second yellow card

    At the point when your player is on a yellow at half time utilize the individual group talk 'Quiet/Assertive - I need you to tread carefully/quiet down to maintain a strategic distance from another booking', Works 95% of an opportunity to keep away from second yellows. Player's response will dependably be "appeared to quiet down".


    Abstain from disrupting players while denying exchange offers

    When you get debatable ideas for players that you would prefer not to sell, don't dismiss or request more cash as it may agitate the player. Include "players to trade" to the first offer and pick the most costly player from the asking group. They will pull back the offer and your player won't gripe about being exchange blocked.


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