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Blogs » HOGAR » Method has disadvantages in WoW Classic

Method has disadvantages in WoW Classic

  • WoW Classic's competition for world number one is organized by the Method Guild and the World Showdown of Esports. In this competition, members of Method's team chose tribal factions. Although in reality, players generally think that the Alliance factions have more power. However, McMillan said that this choice is just for the preparation of the competition, because Method did not have any advantage when competing for WoW Classic world first, because Method has been focusing on WOW Classic Gold For Sale modern WoW for all these years. And guilds such as APES have been practicing on private servers for several years, and they have fully mastered the method of defeating Ragnaros as soon as possible after level 60. If it is hard to suit your needs, you can go to ZZWOW and buying some cheapest WoW Classic Gold. MMOWTS is obviously the best gold seller!

    In fact, we still don't know who is the first player in the world to reach level 60 and successfully beat Ragnaros. The main purpose of Method's holding this event is to celebrate the official release of WoW Classic, so that players at different levels can have a happy gaming experience. Whether professional hardcore players or casual players, even beginners without any gaming experience can get what they want.

    Another benefit of this event is that it can greatly promote Method's streaming business. Uldir was a small and humble Race to World First, Battle for Dazar'Alor was broader, and Azshara's Eternal Palace was the most elaborate Race yet, with both Method and Limit, sponsored by Red Bull, hosting multi-guild events documenting and streaming progress through the raid. That's something they hope to keep expanding on in both the modern WoW, and in WoW Classic.

    McMillan said that with the release of WoW Classic, the business of Method Association will gradually expand to WoW Classic. In the WOW Classic Gold expansion of modern WoW's battle for Azeroth, guild members focused on the most difficult part, which is raids. In WoW Classic, it is obvious that the skills of players have been greatly improved. In the past, Ragnaros was an insurmountable challenge for players, and it usually took several months for the first player on each server to reach level 60 to successfully defeat this most powerful boss. Now, you will see the news that it was killed in just a few days after the server was opened. Meanwhile, content like the Jaina Proudmoore or Queen Azshara fights can go on for weeks as guilds try different strategies and compositions.