Hydropol System

El sistema más poderoso de todos los tiempo para sellar su techo. Vea más detalles aquí.


Estafas con el Sellado de techos en Puerto Rico. 

No te dejes robar tu dinero. Conoce lo que puedes hacer con Cover-k de manera gratuita. 


PA-250 Es el sellador de techos más económico del mercado. En oferta por sólo $49.95 paila de 5 galones. Mas detalles...


HYDRO-LASSTIC PA-980 es parte de una nueva generación de selladores modernos para el techo donde se requiera  gran resistencia a la intemperie, más elasticidad y más durabilidad.

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WoW Classic launch boosts Twitch audience by 84%

  • Before August, Twitch's World of Warcraft channel was not so popular, and the games most viewers were most concerned about were Fortnite and League of Legends. The appearance of WoW Classic changed this situation. Most players need to wait in the queue for a long time and have nothing to do when they log in to the game. It seems that these players have flocked to Twitch's World of Warcraft channel, which has caused their ratings to jump. 84%

    This statistic comes from StreamElements' shared WOW Classic Gold information icons for Twitch's top ten games in August, as well as the top ten streamers. It is clear that the release of WoW Classic affected the changes in these data. Since the official launch of WoW Classic on August 27, World of Warcraft has immediately become the fourth most popular game in Twitch, with a total of 68 million hours of watch time, second only to Dota 2 and higher than the Just Chatting category.

    In addition, as top streamer Ninja withdrew from Twitch, the well-known WOW Streamer Asmongold jumped to become the number one player in Twitch. He received 10 million watch hours in August, which has made him surpass Tfue.

    Doron Nir is the CEO of StreamElements, and he explained his analysis on this phenomenon: "While the top 10 streamers on Twitch chart features a lot of familiar faces, their respective places on the list continue to shift. Most notably was popular WoW player Asmongold who rode the recent World of Warcraft Classic wave all the way to the top. This speaks to the value of grinding away at a game that might not be at the top of the charts today, but could be tomorrow. "

    In fact, there are a lot of interesting things about Twitch's top ten games in August. In order to attract more audiences, many Streamers choose to Buy WOW Classic Gold start a new adventure in WoW Classic. If you also want to follow the trend and get a happy gaming experience, then WoW Classic is your best choice. Of course, WOW Classic Gold is a currency that every player needs a lot of reserves, enough WOW Classic Gold allows you to buy cool mounts and armor, if you need it, then you can buy cheap WOW Classic Gold at ZZWOW.


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