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Blogs » HOGAR » World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King caught my attention

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King caught my attention

  • After successfully graduating from college, I began to face life choices, and the joy that World of Warcraft brought me made me determined to enter the game field.

    When it comes to games, as an experienced player, I have a lot to say. I often think of the games I played recently, the games I experienced when I first came into contact with the computer, and those games with unique design styles. These excellent game works have had a long-term impact on my Vanilla WOW Gold life and experience. Of course, WOW Classic Gold is a currency that every player needs a lot of reserves, enough WOW Classic Gold allows you to buy cool mounts and armor, if you need it, then you can buy cheap WOW Classic Gold at ZZWOW.

    I wanted to talk about the unpopular games, they may not be conspicuous, but when you play the game you will be attracted by its excellent quality. But when I finally decided to write this article, what appeared in my mind was the game I loved the most-World of Warcraft, which had the biggest impact on me, and to some extent reflected my choices in real life.

    I knew this game briefly before playing World of Warcraft, and at that time I was very interested in everything related to fantasy world. I saw World of Warcraft in a South Park episode, and the title of that episode was 'Make Love, Not Warcraft'. The screen in the game looks exactly like the world that looks the most perfect. Legendary creatures, such as dragons. From then on I decided to become an illustrator or writer of fantasy art, and gradually learned about the fields of concept art and games design.

    Later, a friend of mine started playing World of Warcraft and introduced me to this game in detail. I hope I can fight alongside him, and I agreed happily. That was in 2009, the fourth year after World of Warcraft was officially released, and Blizzard announced that it would soon release a new extension called Wrath of the Lich King. I have played many other games, but mainly platform games and FPS games. Most of them don't have very grand backstory and world view. You can Buy WOW Classic Gold only kill any enemy you see in a place where you don't know how to appear. And you know nothing about them. The biggest difference between World of Warcraft and these games is that the role you play really exists in the Azeroth continent, and every interaction you have with NPCs will make you feel they are real person.

    Gradually, many of my friends started to play World of Warcraft. The character I created was a human paladin, and I created a unique backstory for her: she was a lowly human farmer who had decided to become a Paladin! She was brave and good, but not very bright (we even expanded on this later on; in our raid progression screenshots, my character would always be facing the wrong way). Many years on, I would eventually see the light (or perhaps the dark) and my human farmer would join the Horde to become a Blood Elf Paladin.