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    • Ciudad NEW YORK
    • Pais United States
    Another problem is the frequency of global database saves, that are occurring way too often with no reason. D2R Items has implemented some changes to ease things up at present and is in the process of implementing a permanent solution, but it's a while in coming because it's "an architecture overhau...
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    • Pais New Zealand
    There were reports that Sony said an D2R Items show was in the works, but it's possible that the report was false and Sony meant that it was a film and nothing more. Regardless, something is happening and it's making fans confused.Gran Turismo is an extremely precise racing series with no story and ...
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    The tweet was published on the same day that the latest installment of Basketball's video games franchise NBA 2K23, was launched. NBA 2K was originally developed by Sega Sports in 1999 with regular installments throughout the year until 2004. After its sale and the creation of 2K Sports, annual rele...
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    • Pais United States
    I just hope whenever they go that route, it'll have fresh servers. Plus they take into account the even worse faction imbalance which will happen because TBC is even worse with that (Blood Elves are to this day the most played race, Blood Elf Paladins are mathematically superior to Alliance at TBC, ...
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Classifieds » Productos » SOPLETE PARA TECHEROS

Classifieds » Productos » SOPLETE PARA TECHEROS


  • Ciudad Guaynabo
  • Pais Puerto Rico
  • Precio: 84.95


Tenemos varios modelos de sopletes para contratistas de techos. Vendemos las piezas por separado. Mangas por pie lineal a .85 centavos p/l.

Tenemos otras piezas que necesites y las vendemos por separado. Oferta de soplete completo por solo 84.95. 32 pies de manga, soplete, adapter y regulador. Vealo en ASSA. 787 287-7249

Otros modelos profesionales desde 149.95 y 159.95. Llamar para mas detalles. 

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