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Destiny 2 Season of Opulence new raid called Crown of Sorrow

Players have been waiting to hear what Bungie has planned for them in Destiny 2 Season of Opulence for months. In its weekly blog, Bungie announced that Season of Opulence will go live early next month, on June 4. While the studio revealed the date, many of the actual details of the season are still under wraps. We do know, however, that Season of Opulence new raid (called Crown of Sorrow) will be playable on the same day the season launches. This is a major break from previous raids, which usually release several days after a big content launch to give players time to experience what’s new and work their way up.



Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith released an update on how the world first raid race will work in the game upcoming season. Not only will the Season of Opulence raid launch the same day the new season begins but, for the first 24 hours, the raid will have a different difficulty level designed to enhance competition. The new difficulty mode is called Contest, and it will be mandatory for anyone trying to tackle the Crown of Sorrow raid on the first day. Contest doesn’t add mechanics, but instead limits how powerful players can be during the raid. The recommended Power level for player gear is 715 for the raid’s first fight. Contest mode restricts that Power, scaling everyone down to 700 max Power for the first fight instead.



The latest patch for Battle launcher has removed all credits to Activision from Destiny 2. Now, Destiny 2 page on Battle only displays that the game is developed by Bungie and published by Bungie. No trace of Activision whatsoever. Earlier this year, Bungie and Activision split ways after a long and not so successful eight-year partnership. Bungie have taken Destiny 2 independent and are now the official developer and publisher of the game. You can get fast & reliable Cheap Destiny 2 Boosting services from



Destiny Power scaling is a bit strange. If a recommended activity is 715 Power and the player character is also 715 Power, the Guardian and the enemies will deal 100% damage to one another. For every power under the recommended level, the Guardian deals less damage to enemies and takes more damage as well. Bungie is going back to Black Armory to institute a new system of choice based rewards for Menagerie. It’s been promised that you will build up some sort of rune based currency through Menagerie which will allow you to have your pick of rewards, both weapons and armor, when you beat the activity which makes targeted farming easier.

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