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The amount of robots in OSRS worlds

I moved from 1-99 runecrafting in the same period of time it took you to write these fucking essays.... You have too much time so I'm not certain someone in your position is currently whining about something being a grind lmao. Spare time is clearly something you've too much of RS gold... You really do seem like the most unbearable cunt though, please find some enjoyment in your life instead of devoting your free time telling people a game you clearly dislike is"objectively bad". Just like fuck me, not in my entire life have I seen so much spew. Get in the bin.

If you want to keep things interesting in Runescape, set your goals and do it. For me, I had my 99 cooking skillcape that I desired in Runescape and after that I got tired of this game and never played again, there is so much material and tbh I feel like I only played 10% of the game. It consumes up alot of time understanding there is but it only gets tedious after awhile, aswell as the bad graphics it couldn't keep me entertained.

"a lot of micro-transactions" showing the only micro that may provide you beneficial things in sport, which doesn't conceal content for gamers that don't pay. You'll see this screen one or two times a day on average (meaning you don't complete many quests in daily ) The other transactions are pure cosmetic.Runescape3 is indeed less populated, but you understand that in the event you see someone running around that it is a player and not a bot. The amount of robots in OSRS worlds that are free is large. I don't have any experience in OSRS member worlds are. So I can not say much. I expect there are also a lot of bots there, because the moneymaking methods tend to be member only things.

Since nearly all the players is also worlds the amount of bots when compared with the number of players will probably probably be significantly less. This is an assumption concerning the member worlds As I said. What do you mean with that Runescape3 doesn't have the support cheap RuneScape Mobile gold has? Support from gamers or from jagex? From what I know Runescape3 players encourage eachother by teaching things and giving stuff. I haven't been in contact with the Runescape3 service, but I doubt the quality of support from jagex is significantly less in 1 game than in the other.

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